JSON Formatter


The JSON Formatter transforms your JSON data into a beautiful and syntax highlighted string. It does all of these inside your browser, without submitting your data to our server and therefore protects your data privacy.

What is JSON?

JSON is short for JavaScript Object Notation, and is a concise data format that is both human readable and machine readable. Because of its readability and conciseness, it has been widely adopted in the software development community, especially in web application development.

A common mistake that people made about JSON is that any JavaScript object is a valid JSON. This is not the case. JSON is a data format and therefore adheres to stricter standard. For example, the following is a valid JavaScript object but is NOT a valid JSON format:

name: "John Smith"
To make it a valid JSON format, you have to add quotes (") around the key, i.e.
"name": "John Smith"
Note: The JSON Formatter will automatically convert a JavaScript object into the standard JSON format.

Learn more

To learn more about this data format and its related standards, please visit the following websites: